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Meghan Jenkins Portland Massage
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I have been a practitioner of bodywork and massage for ten years. In that time I have learned and experienced many modalities from both Eastern and Western philosophies. I have had the great privilege of working with incredible people from all walks of life, both client and teacher.

On this journey I found that combining Orthopedic and Sports massage with the intuitive influence of Shiatsu and Reiki have made me into a skilled and thoughtful therapist. My work has been described as methodical, intuitive, and effective.

I am excited to meet you and discuss your massage needs. It is my job to truly listen and respond to your individual requests, to develop a long-standing relationship with you and work to provide the outcome you desire.

Massage Services
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Using four unique types of massage, I cater to everyone from weekend warriors
to those suffering from motor vehicle injuries.

Portland Orthopedic Massage
$75.00 / Per Hour Looking for function

Orthopedic Massage

  • Decrease Pain
  • Improve Range of Motion
  • Improve Neuromuscular Function
  • Deactivation of Trigger Points
  • Connective Tissue Normalization
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Portland Deep Tissue Massage
$75.00 / Per Hour Looking for healing

Deep Tissue Massage

  • Reduce Chronic Pain
  • Break up Scar Tissue
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Portland Relaxation Massage
$75.00 / Per Hour Looking for serenity

Relaxation Massage

  • Decrease Stress Levels
  • Increase Feelings of Well-being
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Portland Sports Massage
$75.00 / Per Hour Looking for performance

Sports Massage

  • Optimize Performance
  • Decrease Injury Potential
  • Support Recovery and Healing
  • Greater Energy
  • Pre-event Anxiety Reduction
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